Why I Hate Sony – Part 2

Posted in Sony by Michael Pica on the November 1st, 2006

In Part 1 I discussed how Sony broke into the video game market by garnering 3rd party support and brought their standard of low quality products with them setting a precedence in the industry.

They would have been unable to set this precedence if it wasn’t for the new market they had created in the industry, almost out of thing air; the casual gamer. While the industry had been trying for years to expand the market, they were making slow and steady steps towards that end but Sony managed to do it almost overnight. The problem here is the quality of the new customers they created.

Gamers were the typical nerdy shut in types, above average intelligence and below average social skills. The industry had been slowly widening their age groups and removing the nerdy stigma by making their games more mature and adult oriented. They were turning people ON to video games by making themselves look like less of a child’s toy while still being true to themselves. It was slow but the new consumers entering the market were quality consumers who respected it. Sony created the casual gamer by deploying a completely different strategy. While they continued with the trend of making games more mature they completely obliterated any prior work towards improving the image of games in popular culture. Rather they re-enforced the nerdy gamer stigma by changing games to make gaming turn On to people.

Basically Sony promoted themselves as offering a non-gaming, entertainment experience. According to Sony’s advertising games were lame which is why they sold games that were more like interactive movies. Advertisements showed hardly any game footage at all and what they did show was not actual gameplay footage. They took it a step forward and starting going after the MTV crowd, basically they were going after the people who were the polar opposites of the current crop of gamer clientele. The new crowd of people didn’t care about performance, they didn’t care about gameplay mechanics, or controller design. The new crowd they targeted was the trendy, non-gamer. A group that cared more about their social status then anything else, susceptible to peer pressure and decided avoided gaming because of it’s stigma. Sony went out of their way to show that not only were they the non-game gaming system but they advertised their console as if they were the next big trend and you were uncool unless you owned one. Many people bought this system simply because Sony made it into a status symbol. People bought the Playstation simply because it’s what their friends had without any other rhyme or reason.

The problem with this is that rather than making the gaming industry better breaking down the stigmas and making it more mature to bring in new consumers Sony went and brought the level of gaming down to the lowest common denominator.

You’ll hear the argument all over the place today, talking about how the gaming industry has forgotten it’s roots and concentrates too much on glitz, and graphics while they ignore gameplay and creativity. It’s quite obvious that it is not a problem with the Game Industry but a problem with Sony. Sega, before they tapped out, had easily the most innovative and creative console of their generation, the games were also some of the most creative and fresh of that generation as well. Graphics were good but they took a decided back seat to gameplay and innovation. Nintendo is also an industry leader in terms of innovation in gaming having been the first real implimentor of every major controller technology we have today.

Sony changed the market by bringing in non gamers. They introduced these new gamers to generic glitzy FMV loaded games, and because of that they set a precedence in the industry for this. Most of the game makers who were around before Sony entered the market are still making new and innovative games. But most have been run out of the industry because we reached a point were Sony WAS pretty much the entire industry. The gaming industry doesn’t have a creativity problem… Sony has a creativity problem. The only people who have the power to change this is the company with the largest market share, and that’s Sony, if they don’t want to change this then it wont change. I suspect they’ll never change. This is the way Sony was before the entered the market, and it’s the way they’ve always known and will probably always be. It’s the kind of thing that makes me feel like an old man yelling GET OFF MY F*$&%ING LAWN!

You can’t invite the devil into your house and expect the party not to go to hell. If you bring in the type of consumer who is more interested in status and image then they are in the games they’re actually buying then that group of people will snowball until it hit maximum capacity, that type of person’s actions and beliefs are contagious. Sony acted as a trend setter and earned themselves a herd of sheep. But sheep don’t make good gamers, all sheep do is scream BAAH, follow the herd and do what the shepherd tells them. Sheep do however make execlent consumers, unfortunetly they are the death of creativity in any industry that would take advantage of them. If the wool covered consumer only cares about owning games because it’s what the rest of the wool covered consumers own then it makes the job of the game makers who cater to that culture very easy. If people keep buying what you’ve made to look popular it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, if they’re only buying it because that’s what everyone else is buying then you never have to worry about those hard to do things like creativity or innovation. While EA was around before Sony it’s the Playstation that made EA into the giant it is today; EA became the mini-me to Sony’s Dr Evil.

Sony basically played their entry into the market well. They used the bickering and arrogance between Nintendo and Sega against them and stole massive 3rd party support and thus consumer support right out from under them. To that I say kudos, well played The market needed a 3rd party to set in and straighten out Nintendo and Sega.

Unfortunately Sony brought with them weak and buggy hardware, a strong lack of creativity and innovation and an army of consumers who would follow them blindly in this pursuit. As a result the industry as a whole has been pretty much void of fresh ideas, most of the creative developers ether started to pump out the generic crap that the Sony consumers wanted or they simply went under because they couldn’t afford to be creative in the environment that Sony had created. Hardcore gamers that had been around from before were subject to the crappy Sony hardware if they wanted to keep playing the 3rd party games that were now only available on the Sony consoles.

Personally I’ll continue to support any game developer or hardware maker that I believe is moving the industry in a positive direction, a more creative and innovative direction. I am deeply saddened that Sega is no longer making hardware, though I whole heartedly support Nintendo’s push to concentrate on gameplay over graphics a well as their endeavors in pushing innovation in the controller space. I also support Microsoft’s ventures in pushing the envelope as to what an online gaming service should be, as well as what a console’s OS should be capable of. If not for the innovations of Nintendo and Microsoft I suspect that the PS3 would be little more then a PS2 with a Blu-Ray drive and a Cell processor.

Sony reached their height with the PS2, good timing and continuing with their sheep herding marketing tactics devastated what little identity the rest of the market had left. When Microsoft first entered the market I was heartbroken. From their history with windows I believed they’d be just as bad as Sony, buggy hardware and software, generic garbage games… more of the same but marketing tactics not as effective. I avoided it at first but it piqued my interested when I found that a lot of the games I loved on the Dreamcast found new homes on the Xbox. The decision these companies made to move to the unproven Xbox as opposed to the dominating PS2 encouraged me to give it a closer look. A that time I had only owned a Dreamcast I hated the big controller but the games were pretty good, and they had implemented a lot of little features that made me believe they were actually listening to consumers and trying to deliver what people wanted instead of TELLING consumers what they wanted. I was sold when they released the S-Controller, not just because it was far more comfortable then their previous controller (and far more comfortable then the PS2 controller) but because it expressed to me that they were actively listening to the market and making an effort to deliver the gaming experience that gamers wanted.

This played in stark contrast to how Sony was handling the market. They stood at a podium and instructed the masses as to what the next important game was going to be, what the next important piece of hardware was. They knew exactly where the market was going because they owned it and they manufactured it how they saw fit. This grew in to further and further arrogance. They realized that they could pretty much say anything and get away with it. Sheep are loyal because they’ve got wool over their eyes, they can’t see what’s directly in front of them so they just follow the herd and put faith in their shepherd to take them in the right direction. Sony began abusing their position of power to the point where they were not only leading the masses and removing creativity from the market but flat out abusing their customers. What used to be a confident smile that people would buy their products they’ve become so brazen as to flat out announce that people follow them so blindly they’d sell 5 million units if their console was just a $600 paperweight. What used to be a slightly exaggerated but reasonable tech demo became nothing more then a video file with a flat out lie that people were watching a game. It’s this kind of unnecessary consumer abuse that has turned me from not just someone who dislikes Sony but flat out despises them.

On the bright side I think the market is correcting itself. When you have Microsoft step in, a company that is known for it’s market leadership and generic products, and they start acting like a human being asking gamers what they want to see, adding features that the gamers demand, and making a good effort for innovation on a few fronts; when they step in and you compare it to Sony I think a lot of people woke up. I think a lot of the status oriented peer pressure effected teens that were first turned onto Sony’s marketing appeal had started to mature into adults who would actually start thinking for themselves instead of following the herd. I think this is why there is so much Sony bashing going on recently, so much negative press, and So many people voicing their support for Nintendo and Microsoft. I think a lot of these people have grown up and realized the situation and are calling Sony on their consumer abuse and damage to the gaming industry. Sony, I’m sure, still holds a massive following of sheep, some people never mature, some people just always need to be told what to buy and how to act by a voice of authority, but I think a lot of others are tried of the crap we’ve put up with. I’m happy I’m no longer alone in my hatred for the crap Sony has turned the market into, and I enjoy every bit of negative press the receive in hopes that it will either sober Sony up into a more respectable member of the industry or baring that, run them out completely.

There are lots of other reasons to hate sony: Root kit, Blu-Ray, their legal tactics, poor customer support, exploding batteries, killing off Lik-Sang… but this is why I’ve grown to hate Sony, I hate what they’ve done to my beloved game industry.

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7 Responses to “Why I Hate Sony – Part 2”

  1. grim_d Says:

    R.I.P SEGA you are sadly missed :-(

    I never approved of Sony entering the video game business, over the years it really has brought nothing but arguments between me and friends who are the “Sony sheep”, obviously i was young when the PS1 was released (9 years old) But even then I was smart enough to realise that Sony were in it for the money (OK maybe i realised that a few years down the line when i grew up a little), i was quite content with my Sega and my Nintendo.

    Ive always reluctantly shelled out for any Sony products, so much so that i believe the only Sony product i own is a playstation2, simply because as you have previously mentioned their products are overpriced, and their build quality and robustness is sub-par.

    However i can’t help but think that if Sony hadn’t jumped in and forced the PlayStation on everyone, would MS have been as enthusiastic about joining the console game? Would we even have Xbox if it wasn’t for PlayStation? Or better still would we still have SEGA?

    But again, another excellently written article. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. poppe Says:

    Just one thought, now that MS has made the crappiest console in terms of hardware, which other console brakes down 3-4 times over a year, forcing the company to expand its warranty and giving money back to its consumers.
    Are we getting a why I hate Microsoft part 1-12 soon.

    And yeah you can blame sony for making gaming the big industry it is today, if sony hadn’t made gaming into what it is today Microsoft had never stepped to reap its piece of the giant money cake, cos that is why they are here just like all the rest.

  3. twistedsymphony Says:

    This isn’t an MS vs Sony debate. I agree that the Xbox 360′s reliability sucks compared to most consoles, but my point is that the industry wouldn’t have accepted that as early console bugs if Sony hadn’t made that acceptable with their own consoles. If you remember Microsoft kept quoting that “the industry standard failure rate is between 3 and 5% for new products” Where do you think that “industry standard” came from? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Nintendo or Sega. Without Sony’s standard to fall back on Microsoft would have had the egg on their face and probably would have done a recall. Instead they followed Sony’s lead and passed it off as being OK. The way I see it is Microsoft hasn’t done anything wrong simply because they’re playing by the rulebook that Sony created. You can’t fault someone for following industry trends, you fault those responsible for setting the trends.
    Personally I could care less if Microsoft was in the business at all. I’d be more than happy if the console world was still just Nintendo and Sega. In no way shape or form am I thankful that Microsoft is in the gaming industry nor that Sony opened the door for them. I’m quite upset that Sony even made it a world where a player like Microsoft would decide to step in. I’m just thankful they haven’t screwed up the industry, because they certainly have the power to do so.
    Microsoft is FAR from perfect but they haven’t changed anything in the industry for the worse. Don’t you understand? The reason I don’t like Sony is because they made drastic changes to the industry and they were changes to the worse. By the time Microsoft had stepped into the picture things like consoles that break down was already widely accepted, the damage had already been done. Yes they have their faults but in my opinion none of them have made changes to the industry for worse.

  4. poppe Says:

    Well you are misguiding some of your hatred, third party willingly went to sony because they gave them what they wanted a console not based on cartridges. I myself think that the psx is the best console so far that has been released but I am pretty biased since I spent so much time with it. The only rival would be the snes. I’m not sure how you mean that sony have not pushed game innovation. with games like parappa, okami, ape escape, singstar, guitar hero etc etc etc on its consoles

    And I can’t see how a company can force a console on people?
    Its not like forcing a OS or webbrowser.

    And blaming faulty hardware on sony. The Nes and n64 had its share of problems, cartridges and the analog stick anyone.

    And thirdly I never had any problems with my psx and never heard of any other that had.

  5. twistedsymphony Says:

    Sega offered 2 different CD based systems before Sony (Sega CD and Saturn) did, There were also 3 other companies that also offered CD based systems before Sony did (Atari, Panasonic, and Magnavox). If the industry really wanted a CD based system the Playstation was far from their only choice, and it certainly wasn’t anywhere near the earliest choice.

    Why do you think the Playstation is the best console? My guess is because of the games, a console is only as good as the games you can play on it. People buy the console with the games they want to play. THAT is how you force a console on people. I explained all this in Part 1, Sony used the Nintendo and Sega bickering to get the 3rd parties into exclusivity deals. All of the games people wanted to play were on the Sony console, regardless of how good the hardware was if you wanted to play those games you had no choice buy to buy a Playstation. By comparison the hardware was less powerful then both the Saturn and the N64, and less feature filled then the N64.

    As for innovation, sure you can point to games as being innovative, but not unless they’re made by Sony themselves. Okami is made by Capcom, and Guitar Hero is made by Red Octane, just because they’re on a Sony console doesn’t mean Sony can take credit for them. And while Parappa, and Singstar might be considered innovative did they really drive the industry forward? You can look at Nintendo’s introduction of the Analog stick and see that every subsequent controller has included analog sticks. You can look at Sega’s introduction of the analog trigger and now even the Playstation controller has one. You can look at Microsoft’s introduction of Xbox Live and built in network support and now every console is boasting a feature filled online service available out of the box. What kind of lasting effect did the games you mention have? are there any that can be seen in nearly every modern game?

    As for hardware failures, I’m on my 4th PS1 and my 3rd PS2, I know about 6 other people who went out and bought Xbox 1′s after their 2nd PS2 died either from laser failure or overheating. While I personally haven’t had any problems with my launch day Xbox 360 it doesn’t mean that problems don’t exist. I’m sure most PS2 owners haven’t had problems but that also doesn’t mean problems don’t exist. You can’t make generalization based on a sample size of you and your friends. Yes problems did exist before the Playstation but when they happened they were viewed as an anomaly and the company took responsibility for it. The Playstation failures and subsequent PS2 failures Sony passed off as being normal, and acceptable.

    Why even argue in support for Sony and bash their competitors? This kind of console cheerleading is as big a part of the problem as hardware failures. Why do you need to be a fanboy of a brand and no other brand? Why can’t we all just appreciate the fact that we’re all gamers and and use our clout as consumers to hold console makers accountable for their mistakes instead of arguing with each other while the industry rapes us with high prices and hardware failures? I accept that Microsoft and Nintendo have problems with their consoles and business practices, when they f-up I call them on it. Why can’t you accept that Sony isn’t perfect either?

  6. poppe Says:

    I guess we can give sony the dvd medium as preferred storage as innovation used by its followers, and then theres eye toy. wasn’t sony first with dual analogs?

    There still is some inconsistencies in when third party comes into play, its not like you can just swoop in and steal them away, they all left willingly mostly because of the cd medium. not sure why they didn’t go with the 2 week earlier sega Saturn but I’m guessing a former partner of Nintendo seemed a better choice.

    And yes psx had and still has some of the best games out there. and many previous franchises did their best on it (ex castlevania SotN) and many new ones started on it tekken GT Bandicoot etc etc.

    I never said sony was perfect But I would never hate on a company that have brought me the best gaming experience so far and on such a large scale.

    I’m still waiting too see if there ever will be console to rival my psx. I have some hopes for the wii, but its a hard battle.

    And I still can’t see how you can justify MS making a very buggy 1st gen x360, because you think sony did it with its playstations. I don’t see Nintendo or Sega releasing buggy consoles.

    And why hate on people/company’s anyways I could get a dislike but hate.

  7. twistedsymphony Says:

    I am in no way shape or form justifying that it’s ok for MS to make faulty consoles. I’m basically saying that the industry and most consumers are willing to accept it because of the ground work of excuses Sony has laid out in the past. Personally I think we should hang them for it but that will never happen because the industry is playing by Sony’s rulebook.

    As for Sony being a former Nintendo partner, they were also a former Sega partner, Sony co-developed the Sega CD and they helped develop the Saturn as well, but Sega broke off their ties. Sony actually had closer ties to Sega then they did to Nintendo.

    I also wouldn’t consider a new storage medium an “innovation” nor would I consider a new type or processor or graphics chip etc. I’ll agree that the 2nd analog has proven itself quite useful but again I wouldn’t consider it an innovation because it simply expanded existing technology rather then carving out something new. The same could be said for the eye-toy which had existed on the PC platform and used in various PC games for years at that point.

    As for my hatred, perhaps I wasn’t completely clear but I dislike Sony because of what I feel they’ve done to the industry. I hate them because as of late they’ve become brazen with arrogance and as a result abusive to their loyal customers. I really think they just need to be taken down a notch.

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