HomeTheater 101: Cables

Posted in FAQs & Guides,Home Theater by Michael Pica on the May 17th, 2007

In part one I discussed the Display; how to pick a technology based on your room situation, how to choose a size and resolutions, and different things to look and look out for. In part two I discussed Surround Sound; why you should avoid home theater in a box systems and how to shop and choose the best system for you. That and some media is pretty much all there is to building a home theater right? WRONG. What was originally going to be my final chapter on the subject I decided to dedicate entirely to cables, there is just too much to cover it’s deserving of it’s own article. So: Do you know what ELSE goes into building an awesome home theater experience? (more…)

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HomeTheater 101: Surround Sound

Posted in FAQs & Guides,Home Theater by Michael Pica on the May 10th, 2007

Last Week I talked about what to look for in a high definition display. This week I’ll expand on the discussion covering the most important part of a home theater experience; Surround Sound. Once again I pose the question: Do you know what goes into making an awesome home theater experience? (more…)

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HomeTheater 101: The Display

Posted in FAQs & Guides,Home Theater by Michael Pica on the May 3rd, 2007

I’m a home theater fanatic, I’ve spent months researching technology and products, and thousands of dollars on equipment to build my home theater. I’m also a gamer so I put a lot of the technology in the context of gaming systems and what home theater tech is useful for the ultimate gaming experience. Do you know what goes into making an awesome home theater experience? (more…)

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Home Theater & MCUs

Posted in Home Theater,Moding,thoughthead,Xbox 360,Xbox-Scene by Michael Pica on the April 25th, 2007

There is no thoughthead article this week (you got 5 updates in the last 2 weeks so stop complaining). I’m taking the break to concentrate on the Achievement Machine Project.

Next week I’ll be back with an in depth article on building a home theater. You can read my post on Xbox-Scene to get an idea of where I’m starting from.

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The State of HD Gaming

Posted in Blu-Ray,HD-DVD,Home Theater,PS3,Sony,The Industry,Xbox 360,Xbox-Scene by Michael Pica on the March 31st, 2007

By request I’ve written an extended version my Xbox 360 and HDMI article. The article appears exclusively in the Editorial section of the Xbox-Scene forums.

The State of HD Gaming – Past Present and Future

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