The State of HD Gaming

Posted in Blu-Ray,HD-DVD,Home Theater,PS3,Sony,The Industry,Xbox 360,Xbox-Scene by Michael Pica on the March 31st, 2007

By request I’ve written an extended version my Xbox 360 and HDMI article. The article appears exclusively in the Editorial section of the Xbox-Scene forums.

The State of HD Gaming – Past Present and Future

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Why I Hate Sony – Part 2

Posted in Sony by Michael Pica on the November 1st, 2006

In Part 1 I discussed how Sony broke into the video game market by garnering 3rd party support and brought their standard of low quality products with them setting a precedence in the industry.

They would have been unable to set this precedence if it wasn’t for the new market they had created in the industry, almost out of thing air; the casual gamer. While the industry had been trying for years to expand the market, they were making slow and steady steps towards that end but Sony managed to do it almost overnight. The problem here is the quality of the new customers they created. (more…)

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Why I Hate Sony – Part 1

Posted in Sony by Michael Pica on the October 30th, 2006

It’s no secret that I revel in any news of plight on behalf of the Sony family of corporations. I had a decent respect for the company at one point; they were the benchmark of consumer audio and video equipment. Slowly but surely my impression of their products and eventually their business practices dwindled to the point where not only did I no longer purchase or even value their products but I take pleasure in any news of their further downfall. (more…)

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